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Hi and welcome to my blog ........ ghana girl whos #teamGod! kpop(VIP,BBC,A+)(K,T,J)drama and movie(so ji sub),running man, korean variety shows, anime(naruto shippuden,one piece <3 etc)manga, ankara, music(afrobeats,rnb , old school, hip pop,kpop),shoes, African braids and curly/afro hair , black beauty love with the dark skin , WHY BLEACH ?!?!?!? ,love men in suits its classy A.F and other things that are classy .i blog about how i feel right then and now .you are welcome to ask me anything
. loud and proud ..god bless <3

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Actually cant not explain how in love I am with this picture♥ #familiy #twins #1stbday


'Person Trainer' - model: Joan Smalls, Emmanuel Amorin, Cameron Gentry, & Kadeem Fisher - photographer: Lachlan Bailey - fashion editor / stylist: George Cortina - hair: Orlanda Pita - make-up: Hannah Murray - casting director: Zan Ludlum - Industrie FW 2014

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The Peckham Sapeurs

Dennis Okwera, Yemi Docemo & Troy Copeland (all at AMCK) shot by Tom Johnson for VICE

Its scary how fast time goes by! 6months have gone already!  even though its getting harder I wake up every morning and smile ♥ . The memories I have of you are now painful but I know they will become a blessing one day♥ It still feels like you went on holiday and im waiting for you to get back but I know you are in a better place.♥ you are still so beautiful and wonderful , you will forever be the present I wont get♥ #iloveyoumama #imissyoumama #Godgivemestrength
♥ #bringsbackmemories

#AYI #AYI #AYI #r2bees #ghanapartyinthepark

I was toooo gassed a whole r2bees performed!! My love for this song ♥ #slowdown #r2bees #ghanapartyinthepark

Mista silva #kutusaa George was on fire!!! #ghanapartyinthepark

♥ #themains #ghanapartyinthepark
#ghanapartyinthepark was too live ♥ #proudghanaian #teamghana

Haiti, Alex Webb (2000)





Thanks guys

My heart skipped a beat

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(Misty Morning)

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