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Hi and welcome to my blog ........ ghana girl whos #teamGod! kpop(VIP,BBC,A+)(K,T,J)drama and movie(so ji sub),running man, korean variety shows, anime(naruto shippuden,one piece <3 etc)manga, ankara, music(afrobeats,rnb , old school, hip pop,kpop),shoes, African braids and curly/afro hair , black beauty love with the dark skin , WHY BLEACH ?!?!?!? ,love men in suits its classy A.F and other things that are classy .i blog about how i feel right then and now .you are welcome to ask me anything
. loud and proud ..god bless <3

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i neeeed to go to this place

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What k-dramas taught me

To move slow as fuck
To talk to yourself
Out there there's a very rich guy who fell in love with you and his mother won't like you
Look shocked when a guy shows his chest and start screaming
Also look shocked and scared when you and the guy touch each other's lips
The guy will get to kiss you first,and you will stay still because remember 'you're shocked'
The guy will be an asshole at the beginning but he will end up loving you so freaking much
There are 2 guys who love you,and they will fight for you and punch each other
If something happens , one of the guys will randomly be like 10 meters away from you to save you
You will get a piggy back from a cute guy
There's a problem?Oh,don't worry,you could always get to dress like a boy
Poor people are mostly good people
Usually there's one rich boy and one poor girl
Even if 1 year passes you will all meet and have the same hair length and style

Sen by Apostolon-IAM
the truth is my heart still longs for you&#8230;&#8230;&#8230;&#8230;